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Home Security

Alarm Systems

At BLU SKY Security we support a range of modern, powerful and easy-to-use home alarm systems suitable for all types of properties and lifestyles. 

Home alarm systems have come a long way in the past few years. A BLU SKY home security system powered by gives you better protection, remote access and completely new features that old-fashioned systems simply cannot provide.

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If you’re thinking about a new security system for your home, here are nine reasons why you should choose a BLU SKY home security system:


BLU SKY’s home security alarm systems are inherently easy to use with large, simple displays and a smartphone app, allowing you to manage your system easily. It also supports various arming methods such as ‘arm-stay’ (partial arming) or ‘arm-away’ (full arming) modes.

Remotely accessible via the
smartphone app

Our home security app puts you in control of your home security no matter where you are. Receive text alert for activity you care about, e.g if you forget to arm the system, allowing you to set it remotely. Learn more here.

More reliable security

A BLU SKY smart home security system is professional grade and rigorously built to life safety and security standards.

A BLU SKY home alarm system includes a 24hr battery backup and communicates via a dedicated cellular connection, ensuring a secure, tamper-proof connection even if your phone line is cut, Internet goes down or power goes out. No other home alarm system comes close for security and reliability.

Protection for your family while you are home or away

Have peace of mind knowing your family is safe when you’re home and while you’re asleep. Perimeter arming disables the internal motion sensors but keeps the external door sensors armed allowing you to move around freely inside your home.

Life safety sensors – smoke and duress

Integrate smoke alarm and duress panic pendants to your monitored alarm installation and receive alerts if there’s an incident – every second counts in an emergency!

Pet-friendly solution

Do you have pets? We can design the alarm installation with the latest PIR motion sensors with pet technology to provide protection while they are home, and keep the property and pets safe.

Flexible installation

We support a wide range of premium hardwired and wireless sensors allowing flexibility to suit new homes or retrofit into existing properties.

A wireless alarm system simplifies installation and prevents needing to disrupt the building’s structure to hide lengths of cable. You can extend the system, reconfigure or redecorate without worrying about costly re-installation. Renters can take their system with them when they move property. 


As well as keeping you safe and secure, A BLU SKY smart home security system not only protects what’s most important but it’s your automation hub that transform your property into the smartest home on the block. You can add security cameras, a video doorbell, automated lighting, smart locks, garage door control and talk to your system with Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

What is the battery life?

Most of our wireless sensors have a battery life of up to 6-8 years minimising the frequency of changing batteries. The wireless alarm system will let you know when batteries are low and ready for changing.

Monitored Alarm System

A BLU SKY home security system is professionally installed and we offer two levels of monitored alarm services:

Self-monitoring: Notifications are sent directly to your smartphone for you to action.

Professional alarm monitoring: Our local A1-Grade Security Alarm Monitoring Service receives important alerts from your system 24/7 and security professionals are on-hand ready to dispatch authorities in an emergency.

man installing home security alarm systems

How much will a home alarm system cost?

BLU SKY installs the best home security systems in Adelaide and across Australia. The cost depends on many factors, such as the size of the property, number of rooms, level of protection, etc. Call us today to receive a price estimate over the phone based on the type of property you have and arrange a site inspection so we can design a solution to your exact requirements.

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BLU SKY Security is a South Australian company. By supporting us, you are supporting a proud local South Australian business, with an experienced team and local support!

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