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Business Security

Alarm Systems

At BLU SKY we install business alarm systems across Adelaide and Australia.

Unlike inferior systems that cannot provide complete protection, our commercial security alarm installations are designed to lower your business’s security risk, not just provide an illusion of protection.

Tougher business security

BLU SKY business security systems are rigorously built for reliability and tested against professional security standards. The alarm system’s battery backup and a dedicated cellular connection for remote monitoring provides a secure, tamper-resistant connection even if an intruder tries to cut the phone line, Internet goes down or power goes out.

More than an alarm - always on

Traditional commercial security systems have a habit of leaving you unprotected – forget to turn them on and they can’t even sound the alarm for a break-in. A BLU SKY business security system powered by works for you all the time. It keeps you aware of what’s happening across your business with real-time text or email alerts, even when disarmed. For example, alerts tell you if your shop is open on-time, when a drawer containing sensitive documents is opened, or if the warehouse backdoor is left open.


Unlike traditional commercial security systems with complex interfaces that are difficult to maintain, a BLU SKY business alarm system is designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use. You won’t believe how easy is to manage your entire business security via our user-friendly website and mobile app powered by Learn more here.


Combine your BLU SKY business security system with video and access control to create a powerful all-in-one security solution for managing people and property across all your business locations. Learn more about our Enterprise Solution here.

Premium sensors

Our business security systems support a wide range of premium sensors with high false-alarm immunity to suit most applications and environments. Hardwired and wireless options allow flexibility to suit new or retrofitting into existing premises.

Life safety sensors – smoke and duress

Integrate smoke alarms and duress panic buttons to your security alarm and receive alerts if there’s an incident – every second counts in an emergency!

Professional alarm monitoring

Our monitoring team at our A1-Grade secure alarm monitoring centre are always on the pulse, keeping track of your business. If an alarm at your business is triggered, we will first attempt to call your nominated emergency contacts, failing that we will dispatch authorities to your business. Learn more here.

Verify emergencies with video alerts

With integrated security cameras, receive an image alert of alarm events to see what’s happening. Cancel false alarms or verify an emergency for priority response from authorities. Learn more here.

Smartphone app

Always know what’s happening at your business. connects your business to your smartphone, the easy-to-use mobile app allows you to check and control your business in real-time from almost anywhere. Manage user codes, secure the alarm remotely if someone forgets, check when staff arrived, view cameras and unlock doors. Managing your business security has never been easier!

man installing home security alarm systems

Professional maintenance and support

At BLU SKY we provide superior support and are always available to visit on-site to help with any configuration issues or training, so you don’t have to worry about a thing, which allows you to focus on running your business. Our technical support team has the ability to access your systems remotely to troubleshoot and provide support, unlike other systems that require an onsite technician visit for configuration adjustments.

In many instances we can inspect and adjust settings remotely, solving requests faster and saving callout costs.

A member of our technical team will design a business security system to suit your specific business requirements. Together with BLU SKY’s A1-grade alarm monitoring service, your business will be protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including immediate access to security patrols, police and fire services.

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BLU SKY Security is a South Australian company, by supporting us, you are supporting a proud local South Australian business, with an experienced team, and local support!

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