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Smart Home

Phone, Data, TV, WiFi

Whether it’s improving your TV reception, adding extra data points, or tidying up existing data cabling, BLU SKY provides professional home network cabling installation in Adelaide.

Our data cable installers are registered technicians. This means they have the required ACMA registration and training to ensure your data cable installation complies with the required Australian cabling regulations.

man installing phone data tv wifi in Adelaide

Our data cabling installation services include:

Our data cable installers are experienced installing cabling in roofs and walls, and take pride on keeping cabling work neat:

phone data tv wifi rack

Are you Building or Renovating?

If you are about to start building your new home or renovating it is important to consider your future technology needs by pre-wiring.

Installing network cabling during the construction phase is more efficient and less disruptive, compared to after the project is complete. It can avoid headaches and costly modifications especially if it’s a multi-storey property.

The prewiring stage involves designing and installing a cable solution that will support the way you use technology and media in your home into the future.

Contact our technical team today for advice, and learn how we can assist you with your project.

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