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Smoke Alarm Solutions

Fire and smoke damage can be devastating to a property, and every second counts. Smoke alarms are important safety devices, and it is crucial to ensure you have up-to-date photoelectric detectors at your property. BLU SKY provides smoke alarm installation and maintenance across Adelaide.

Monitored smoke detectors

For complete peace of mind and maximum protection of life and property, we recommend connecting your smoke sensors to our monitored alarm system.

Our Security Alarm Monitoring Service will immediately try to reach you. If there is no answer, they will notify the authorities ensuring precious time is not wasted to limit the amount of damage and ensure safety of the occupants. The operator will be able to direct the emergency response personnel to where the fire began and if any movement is being detected on the premises.

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man installing a smoke detector

Smoke alarm maintenance service

We can test your smoke alarms on a regular basis to ensure they are functioning correctly, learn more on our maintenance service here.

Need smoke detectors?

Our smoke detector installers are able to advise you of the best placement for your monitored smoke detector to fully protect your property and its occupants.

Contact our technical team to learn more about smoke alarm installation today.

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