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Business Security

Business Security Cameras

At BLU SKY we offer a comprehensive range of security cameras to suit a wide range of businesses and commercial environments across Adelaide. 

Our solutions allow you to see what’s happening at your business from a centralised location, a video monitor or your mobile device*.

Contact us today at 7123 4177 to learn more about our range of security cameras and how we can help you secure your business.

Security Cameras for Business

Commercial security cameras can be installed almost anywhere to provide visual clarity across your business locations:

* Requires an Internet connection


Protect Your Business with Blu Sky's Commercial CCTV Cameras in Adelaide

Our team has years of experience and engineering knowledge designing CCTV security cameras across a wide range of commercial applications. Ask about our tried and tested solutions for:

A member of our technical team will design a security camera system specifically suited your business requirements. BLU SKY gives you peace of mind your business is secure and running smoothly no matter where you are!


Smart business video alerts

Smart video alerts use artificial intelligence to analyse scenes and send you important alerts such as a person detected in the outer yard, or a package left at reception while ignoring things you don’t care about.

Video activity analytics

With business activity analytics, business owners can transform their security cameras into powerful monitoring devices that help optimise operations based on the movement of people in or around their property—saving them time, money and frustration.

CCTV Cloud management

CCTV system Cloud storage avoids the expense and maintenance of on-site storage equipment that can be stolen or damaged, saving you money.

More secure – video stream is protected using a secure VPN connection (Internet banking level security). Easy user permissions allow you to manage staff access to some or all camera views.

CCTV video health reports

CCTV video health reports notify you of security camera connection and recording problems providing peace of mind that you will never miss an important incident.

Professional support

We provide professional remote support for your business security camera installation. We can adjust settings and receive offline alerts remotely, reducing maintenance effort and increasing peace of mind.

Centralised CCTV video monitoring

We can link the security cameras across all your sites so you can view all locations side-by-side, making it easy for you and your team to see what’s going on and stay on top of things.

Integrates with alarm and doors

Full integration with your BLU SKY business alarm and access control installation allows you to track and send notifications on events you care about. For instance, get a video clip when the system is disarmed, when a secure room is accessed, or related to the smoke detector alert, allowing you to quickly identify an issue.

Smart search makes it easy to follow up on an incident

Searching hours of security camera footage to find an incident can be slow. Use the smart timeline, filters and highlight icons of the event type to make it easy to search and find relevant content faster. It allows you to search video history matching people and events such as alarm disarm, doors opening etc. With a searchable library of recorded video clips, you’ll be able to go back and see exactly what occurred and when.

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BLU SKY Security is a South Australian company, by supporting us, you are supporting a proud local South Australian business, with an experienced team, and local support!

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