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Smart Home

Smart Lighting

This solution is provided by BLU SKY as an addon to the BLU SKY smart home security package.

Smart lighting allows you to connect the lights in your home to your BLU SKY Home Security System Powered by allowing you to adjust them using your phone, voice or automatically via automated rules.

smart lighting phone app
smart switch

In-wall smart switch easy to integrate into your existing wall switches

Our miniature in-wall smart relays sit hidden behind your wall light switch. They communicate wirelessly so they are simple to install by a qualified electrician and do not require cables to be pulled through walls making them easy to retrofit into any home.

Retrofit smart plug in switch

The plug-in smart switch is a small, convenient way to control lights and appliances around your home. Simply plug the smart switch into a standard wall socket, and then plug in the device you want to control. It allows you to control, schedule, and monitor the device from anywhere.

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