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Business Security

Access Control

At BLU SKY we deliver smart access control systems that allow businesses to manage and track access at their commercial premises. We utilise modern technology like swipe card door locks, fobs and card readers and provide powerful solutions to support a wide range of small and medium businesses across Adelaide and Australia.

Our smart access control systems powered by enables easy configuration and remote keyless access for employees, across multiple sites, with no IT expertise or extra resources needed.

Smarter access control can be installed as a standalone system or as an integrated solution with a BLU SKY security alarm system and CCTV video surveillance.

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Easy staff access across your business locations

Our user-friendly website makes it easy to create/remove access for employees, contractors and visitors across all your business locations. Setting up a new user is intuitive; a few clicks is all it takes to add and assign them to a pre-set access plan, based on where they need to be. If a person only needs access to one office, you can lock down their swipe card or fob so that it only opens that door. Access can be limited to a time schedule, so staff only have access during business hours for example.

Access control from anywhere

Our easy-to-use website and mobile app allows you to control and monitor access from anywhere on the go. Check who’s at your door via your smart business security cameras, and buzz them in. Don’t worry if your manager left the key at home or is sick.

Know what’s going on

Get alerts for important activity you care about like knowing if the store is open on-time, or if the stockroom door was left open. Activity reporting makes it easy to find key events such as the last person to unlock a certain door, or how many hours an employee worked.

Cloud management - easy to maintain

Our access control system isn’t just easy to use – it easy to own. You don’t need an onsite server and software to secure, backup and maintain. Access control is managed via our Cloud platform powered by

Scalable as your business grows

Outdated access technology weakens your security and gets harder to manage as your business grows. Our access control systems are scalable from one or two doors and a few users, up to hundreds of doors and thousands of users across many locations.

Full integration with on-site alarm system and CCTV

Combining your access control with a BLU SKY smart security alarm and camera system enables a powerful and simple to manage solution. Swiping a card for instance, can unlock a door, disarm the alarm and record a video clip for the ultimate integrated security. Have peace of mind the business is secure by auto locking doors and arming the alarm on a set schedule.

Secure and flexible to support a wide range of installations

We provide best-in-class industry-standard access control solutions, compatible with many swipe card readers, RFID door locks and card formats allowing us to retrofit and provide cost effective upgrades for existing systems.

Brands we support: HID Global,, Tecom, Inner Range, CS Evolution


Proximity cards & fobs

Proximity cards and fobs are encrypted with a unique “key” and when presented to a reader provide access to the areas they have been programmed to unlock.

Proximity cards are the size of standard credit cards, and can be carried in a wallet or attached to a lanyard. Proximity fobs are a smaller device that can be attached to a key ring.

Full Height Turnstile

Turnstiles & gates

We provide access control solutions for turnstiles to manage pedestrian access inside and out of a facility, and gate control for vehicles.


Readers & keypads

Combine a proximity with a personal identification number (PIN) to support dual authentication of identity. Or configure the panel for single-factor PIN code authentication, for temporary access of contractors.


Access hardware

We support a suite of access hardware for installations across Adelaide including RFID door locks, electronic locks and automated doors that can be retrofitted to existing doors or ready for new installations. Our technicians are skilled in cable management, coupled with contemporary door hardware and installations designed to Australian standards – we deliver a high-quality solution that looks great.

Professional support

At BLU SKY we provide superior support and are always available to visit on-site to help with any access control issue or training, so you don’t have to worry about a thing and allowing you to focus on running your business. Our technical support team has the ability to access your systems remotely to troubleshoot and provide support, unlike other systems that require an onsite technician visit for configuration adjustments. In many instances we can inspect and adjust settings remotely, solving requests faster and saving callout costs.

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Want smarter access control for your business?

Contact our technical team today to discuss the access control options available and find a solution to best suit your needs. With a user-friendly web/mobile app and powerful multi-site user management you won’t believe how easy it is to manage your entire business access!

BLU SKY Security is a South Australian company. By supporting us, you are supporting a proud local South Australian business, with an experienced local team and local support!

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